Campaign Perspectives on Copyright Positions

Kate Scroggins posts a great piece at Carleton's Campaign Perspectives blog on the various party's position on copyright reform.  The key positions:

  • the Conservatives say Bill C-61 "represents where we want to go with copyright reform."
  • the Liberals would make consultations on copyright reform a priority.
  • the NDP would focus on commercial piracy instead of targeting private users


  1. NDP
    so that decides it
    NDP get my vote

  2. Copyright law is not the only issue for this election. Voting for NDP based on copyright stance alone seems narrow minded.

    I am more in favor of another minority government.

  3. im voting for the candidate in my riding not the party.

    .: muzzled candidates = definetly not a vote

    Green party supports fair copyright; Encourage and protecting digital innovation, and are commited to fighting unjust marijuana laws. The green party candidate in my riding was happy to answer all my questions. Conservatives DID NOT in fact REFUSED, NDP asked for a donation : how kind?, Liberals wanted to know my intentions before they would answer anything .. thats creepy. PC is too religous.

    Who would you cast your vote for?

  4. NDP gets mine – because of NDP MP Charlie Angus being well versed in Digital issues.
    For example, Copyright law today affects two very important things in my world;
    Censorship and Innovation.
    If we don’t get better Copyright laws, we will end up having to keep our mouthes shut about what we think about this world AND we will go nowhere as a Nation of Stifled Creators.

    I need to vote according to my riding, so I am practising voteswapping.