Duceppe Points To Copyright As Area of Disagreement

Howard Knopf notes that disagreement over the copyright bill [MP3 version of CBC World At Six] was one of the issues specifically raised Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe's meeting last week with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, increasing the likelihood that copyright could emerge as an issue during the forthcoming election campaign.


  1. Time Location in the segment
    FYI – the news segment covering this runs from 4:35 to 7:00.

  2. Not Enough!
    I am really disappoint of the Bloc about the issues of the Bill C-61. They simply don’t put substances on their issues with the bill. They simply said they get some problems with it, without saying what or why.

    The NPD is the major party that oppose the bill with fact, with the why and what can be done to make the new digital age a great reality for Canadian.

    Has long the Bloc don’t fight it clearly, with strong argument, I simply think the Quebecer are not protected by the Bloc more than the NPD.

    In that regard, the computer users canadian rights, should be more important than the supposed to be content corporations rights.