Who Owns Ideas?

CBC Radio's Ideas did a great job examining the copyright issue last night in an hourly documentary titled Who Owns Ideas?  I make a brief appearance alongside Cory Doctorow, Jamie Boyle, Steven Page, Graham Henderson, and many others.

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    don’t start on this trek , its dangerous, why , some rich mpaa/riaa guy will copyright it all and we won’t be able to think.
    OH GREAT its all owned , next the DNA and the universe, why not just give them all this shit and then when people really get fed up we can turff them right back to the stone age

    for asking for these laws

  2. “intellectual property is the oil of the 21st century”

    this is a better explanation of it: [ link ]

  3. rephrase that I mean \’shorter\’ condensed version similar topic not necessarily better

  4. Nobody owns ideas.
    Ideas are electricity that float in our brains. Two persons together, exchanging ideas, simply put words over electricity. The brains don’t own the fuel that create ideas.

    From a Buddhist perspective, Ideas are floating around and the brain is an antenna over them. The ideas are like the wind… nobody own the wind.

    Now, we can put ideas over the internet. We can express them, we can received them but we can’t own them.

    The right to copy ideas is natural. Everybody copy ideas. When someone speak with one person, and that other person speak the same ideas to someone else, nobody own idea, they are shared.

    P2P act the same. The ideas of the brain or copied to a computer, like it is copied with self expression. We are free to express ourselves, so we are free to share ideas. Nobody own ideas. So nobody can claim a right to exclusively copy something.

    The corporation need to change their business logic, because it is against the natural comportment of sharing ideas.

    Has long the **AA are trying to forced us to don’t express ourselves, to don’t express ideas, trying to DICTATE how human should behave in contact of ideas (electricity, bandwidth) they will always be perceived has dictator in power.

    Ideas are free to be shared, has electricity, has the winds. They can’t do anything about it… and you know what? Sharing ideas help those same ideas to be popular. In that regard, it’s a free marketing campaign and bring them more popular, so boost their sales of tangible products.

    Don’t try to regulate electricity or the wind or sharing the ideas, because you are trying to “abuse” natural way of human life.

    More to it, my religion ask me to share with my fellow. Christianism sharing is the apotheoses to access the Heaven. I don’t care if the Devil ask me to don’t share, the Devil will never give me access to Heaven.


  5. woot
    ok i hereby copyright the idea of having ideas , PWNED

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    Anyone have a working link to this fine piece?