The Copyright Candidates

Just over two weeks ago, I posted a 2008 election copyright pledge that sought commitments to respect both creator and consumer rights, to guard against weakening user rights, and to fully consult on future reforms.  The reaction has been absolutely terrific.  The Green Party joined as a party, noting that its copyright position was entirely consistent with the pledge. Candidates from the Liberals and New Democrats quickly followed suit. As of Sunday evening, 132 candidates from those two parties have expressed their support for the pledge.  This includes 42 Liberals (nine of whom are sitting MPs) and 90 New Democrats (16 sitting MPs which is over half the current caucus).  No Conservative candidate has supported the pledge.  The full list is posted below along with a Google Map tracking the copyright candidates.  On Tuesday, I encourage everyone to vote and to consider this issue – and the positions of local candidates – when they do.

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Update (10/13): Further additions now include Liberal candidate Gerard Kennedy (Parkdale-High Park) and NDP candidate Ellen Parker (Crowfoot, AB).

Update (10/14): Add Liberal MP Mike Savage (Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, NS) to the list.

  • Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP, St. Paul’s, ON
  • Ujjal Dosanjh, Liberal MP, Vancouver South, BC
  • Glen Pearson, Liberal MP, London North Centre, ON
  • Joyce Murray, Liberal MP, Vancouver Quadra, BC
  • Marlene Jennings, Liberal MP, NDG-Lachine, QC
  • Bonnie Brown, Liberal MP, Oakville, ON
  • Sue Barnes, Liberal MP, London West, ON
  • Ken Boshcoff, Liberal MP, Thunder Bay-Rainy River, ON
  • Paul Szabo. Liberal MP, Mississauga South, ON
  • Gerard Kennedy, Liberal candidate, Parkdale-High Park, ON
  • Gord Zeilstra, Liberal candidate, Cambridge, ON
  • Calvin Johnston, Liberal candidate, Palliser, SK
  • Arlene MacFarlane-VanderBeek, Liberal candidate, Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, ON
  • Heather Carter, Liberal candidate, Niagara West – Glanbrook, ON
  • Suzanne van Bommel, Liberal candidate, Elgin-Middlesex-London, ON
  • Jamie McGarvey, Liberal candidate, Parry Sound-Muskoka, ON
  • Carolyn Scott, Liberal candidate, Sackville Eastern Shore
  • Sharon L. Howe, Liberal candidate, Crowfoot, AB
  • Marcelle Marion, Liberal candidate, Winnipeg North, MB
  • David Orchard, Liberal candidate, Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River, SK
  • Frank Valeriote, Liberal candidate, Guelph, ON
  • Greg McClinchey, Liberal candidate, Huron-Bruce, ON
  • Ted Klassen, Liberal candidate, Portage-Lisgar, MB
  • Dana L. Miller, Liberal candidate, Delta-Richmond East, BC
  • Richard Pesik, Liberal candidate, Nanaimo-Alberni, BC
  • Patricia Zipchen, Liberal candidate, Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, SK
  • Tim Jones, Liberal candidate, Newmarket-Aurora, ON
  • Denis Sabourin, Liberal candidate, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, ON
  • Bonnie Crombie, Liberal candidate, Mississauga Streetsville, ON
  • Greg Nyholt, Liberal candidate, Battlefords-Lloydminster, SK
  • Drew Adamick, Liberal candidate, Cariboo–Prince George, BC
  • Dan Olson, Liberal candidate, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Mission, BC
  • Nathalie Goguen, Liberal candidate, Sherbrooke, QC
  • Alexandra Mendes, Liberal candidate, Brossard – La Prarie, QC
  • David Remington, Liberal candidate, Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox, ON
  • Robert Friesen, Liberal candidate, Charleswood – St. James – Assiniboia, MB
  • Rebecca Finch, Liberal candidate, Dufferin-Caledon, ON
  • Sandra Gardiner, Liberal candidate, Perth-Wellington, ON
  • Sean Godfrey, Liberal candidate, Oshawa, ON
  • Shawn Murphy, Liberal candidate, Charlottetown, PE
  • Rick Jones, Liberal candidate, Barrie, ON
  • Deb Ehmann, Liberal Candidate, Blackstrap, SK
  • Charlie Angus, New Democrat MP, Timmins-James Bay, ON
  • Olivia Chow, New Democrat MP, Trinity-Spadina, ON
  • Libby Davies, New Democrat MP, Vancouver East, BC
  • Bill Siksay, New Democrat MP ,Burnaby-Douglas, BC
  • Dawn Black, New Democract MP, New Westminster–Coquitlam, BC
  • Irene Mathyssen, New Democrat MP, London-Fanshawe, ON
  • Peggy Nash, New Democrat MP, Parkdale High Park, ON
  • Wayne Marston, New Democrat MP, Hamilton East – Stoney Creek, ON
  • Jean Crowder, New Democrat MP, Nanaimo–Cowichan, BC
  • Denise Savoie, New Democrat MP, Victoria, BC
  • Judy Wasylycia-Leis, New Democrat MP, Winnipeg North, MB
  • Catherine Bell, New Democrat MP, Vancouver North, BC
  • Pat Martin, New Democrat MP, Winnipeg Centre, MB
  • Alex Atamanenko, New Democrat MP, BC Southern Interior, BC
  • Paul Dewar, New Democrat MP, Ottawa Centre, ON
  • Chris Charlton, New Democrat MP, Hamilton Mountain, ON
  • Michael Byers, New Democrat candidate, Vancouver Centre, BC
  • Anne Lagacé Dowson, New Democrat candidate, Westmount, QC
  • Phil Brown, New Democrat candidate, Nepean-Carleton, ON
  • John Chan, New Democrat candidate, Calgary Centre-North, AB
  • Tyler Kinch, New Democrat candidate, Calgary Centre, AB
  • David Caplan, New Democrat candidate, Vancouver Quadra, BC
  • Vinay Dey, New Democrat candidate, Calgary East, AB
  • Dave Burkhart, New Democrat candidate, Edmonton-St. Albert, AB
  • Michael Charrois, New Democrat candidate, North Vancouver, BC
  • Stephen Moore, New Democrat candidate, Wascana, SK
  • Mike Avery, New Democrat candidate, Cardigan, PEI
  • Brian Morin, New Democrat candidate, Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River, SK
  • Mohamed Alli, New Democrat candidate , Portage–Lisgar, MB
  • Mike Seaward, New Democrat candidate, Newmarket-Aurora, ON
  • Mike Sullivan, New Democrat candidate, York South-Weston, ON
  • Pierre Ducasse, New Democrat candidate, Hull-Aylmer, QC
  • Eric Gillespie, New Democrat candidate, Niagara Falls, ON
  • Sue McSheffrey, New Democrat candidate, Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke
  • Gabriel Biron, New Democrat candidate, Lévis–Bellechasse, QC
  • Doug Ottenbreit, New Democrat candidate, Yorkton–Melville, SK
  • Jash Puniya, New Democrat candidate, Bramalea-Gore-Malton, ON
  • Nicolas Thibodeau, New Democrat candidate, Mont-Royal, QC
  • Justin Chatwin, New Democrat candidate, Eglinton-Lawrence, ON
  • George Addison, New Democrat candidate, St. Catharines, ON
  • Darlene Jalbert, New Democrat candidate, Stormont–Dundas–South Glengarry, ON
  • Carol Hughes, New Democrat candidate, Algoma Manitoulin Kapuskasing, ON
  • Jo-Anne Boulding, New Democrat candidate, Parry Sound Muskoka, ON
  • Max Lombardi, New Democrat candidate, Cambridge, ON
  • Wess Dowsett. New Democrat candidate, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Ross Eadie, New Democrat candidate, Kildonan-St. Paul, MB
  • John Rafferty, New Democrat candidate, Thunder Bay Rainy River, ON
  • Jill McIllwraith, New Democrat candidate, Bruce-Grey, ON
  • Andy Bruziewicz, New Democrat candidate, Sarnia-Lambton, ON
  • Matt Turner, New Democrat candidate, Mississauga South, ON
  • Hijal De Sarker, New Democrat candidate, Ottawa South, ON
  • Ryan Dolby, New Democrat candidate, Elgin/Middlesex/London, ON
  • Rachel Heinrichs, New Democrat candidate, Winnipeg South Centre, MB
  • Peter Deslauriers, New Democrat candidate, NDG-Lachine
  • Stuart Somerville, New Democrat candidate, Red Deer, AB
  • Chris Durrant, New Democrat candidate, Beausejour, QC
  • Alice Finnamore, New Democrat candidate, Tobique-Mactaquac
  • Ray Martin, New Democrat candidate, Edmonton East, AB
  • Paul Arbour, New Democrat candidate, Carleton- Mississippi Mills, ON
  • Zoe Royer, New Democrat candidate, Port Moody – Westwood – Port Coquitlam, BC
  • Rob Moir, New Democrat candidate, Fundy Royal, NB
  • Brian Van Tilborg, New Democrat candidate, Brant, ON
  • Malcolm Allen, New Democrat candidate, Welland
  • Jennifer Burgis. New Democrat candidate, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, BC
  • Ross Martin, New Democrat candidate, Provencher, MB
  • Daniel Breton, New Democrat candidate, Jeanne-Le Ber, QC
  • Ann Chambers, New Democrat candidate, Vancouver South, BC
  • Linda Duncan, New Democrat candidate, Edmonton Strathcona, AB
  • Fred Kress, New Democrat candidate, Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre, SK
  • Sania Khan, New Democrat candidate, Scarborough–Guildwood, ON
  • David Laird, New Democrat candidate, Burlington, ON
  • Mike Bocking, New Democrat candidate, Pitt Meadows–Maple Ridge–Mission, BC
  • Don Davies, New Democrat candidate, Vancouver Kingsway, BC
  • Marlene Rivier, New Democrat candidate, Ottawa West-Nepean, ON
  • Megan Leslie, New Democrat candidate, Halifax, NS
  • John Bouché, New Democrat candidate, Brandon-Souris, MB
  • Mark Sandilands, New Democrat candidate, Lethbridge, AB
  • Patricia Cordner, New Democrat candidate, Selkirk-Interlake, MB
  • Matt Schaubroeck, New Democrat candidate, Saint Boniface, MB
  • Katy Austin, New Democrat candidate, Simcoe Grey, ON
  • Jack Harris, New Democrat candidate, St. John's East, NF
  • Betty Bekkering, New Democrat candidate, Prince George – Peace River, BC
  • Jesse Travis, New Democrat candidate, Fredericton, NB
  • Alice Brown, New Democrat candidate, Okanagan Shuswap, BC
  • David Purdy, New Democrat candidate, Whiby-Oshawa, ON
  • Bruce Hyer, New Democrat candidate, Thunder Bay Superior North, ON
  • Niki Ashton, New Democrat candidate, Churchill, MB
  • Teale Phelps Bondaroff, New Democrat candidate, Calgary West, AB
  • Ryan Cleary, New Democrat candidate, St. John’s South, NL
  • Cindy Jacobsen, New Democrat candidate, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON



  1. Carolyn Bennett?
    You’ve got to be kidding. I wrote Carolyn Bennett asking her about Bill C-61 shortly after it was introduced in June and only got a wishy-washy reply at the end of July. Whether Liberals like her take the copyright pledge is immaterial. Their Bill C-60 was not substantively different from C-61. Don’t waste your time looking to the Liberals for copyright sanity.

  2. Russell McOrmond says:

    Parties change

    While I agree with your sentiment, we all need to realize that this is an issue that comes down to who is elected in each party, and not the parties. Prior to 2004 the NDP’s Heritage Critic was also lock-step with the entertainment industry lobbiests. She retired and was replaced by Charlie Angus which has worked hard within his party to make the NDP the strongest on this area of policy.

    The same can happen with each party — look closely at the candidates. We need to ensure that there is at least one Charlie Angus elected in each party.

    On the “Just Say No” side: Dan McTeague (Liberal critic of the affairs of consumers) is this elections Sam Bulte (Past Liberal Heritage Parliamentary Secretary) — the person to root most strongly against. As bad as the Conservatives are as a party, I’d rather a Conservative in that seat than Dan.

  3. Bruno Godin says:

    Mistake on the list
    Catherine Bell appears twice:

    Catherine Bell, New Democrat MP, Vancouver North, BC


    Catherine Bell, New Democrat candidate,Vancouver Island North

    It should read:

    Catherine Bell, New Democrat MP, Vancouver Island North, BC

    and appear only once.

  4. YAY
    Well its nice to see MPs are not as incompetant and ignorant as the leaders of the USA.

    As if the DMCA was not bad enough the USA has let bush and his conservative cronies get away with another rape of the Americans rights. Fair use psh there is no profit for that for big business… O well spending crap tones of money to pay for a czar and a department of extortion to do the RIAA n MPAA`s dirty work. Geee i can`t imagine what know nothing retard bush will appoint to it. My bet is someone in the RIAA or MPAA`s pocket cause that is all they care about protecting. Thank god we do not have a retarded 2 party system that fails at every turn. It leaves competition for actual debate and options of choice rather then just have some retard say hey this bridge that goes to nowhere is a good idea and then everyone in that party votes for it instead of reading(which soon to be president Palin voted for).

    [ link ]

  5. Where’s Mauril Belanger and Tom King?

    They are both disappointing absences.

  6. Russell McOrmond says:

    Another view of this data
    I have added pledges from this page into the database at . This allows you to browse by riding or by party, which may make it easier for you to find specific candidates you are trying to look up.

    [ link ]

  7. How strong is support for this pledge on
    I’m curious as to what percentage of these candidates were actually elected now that results are in.

  8. The vote
    Sadly over half didn’t bother to vote and i was one of them.

    The reason it quite simple, why vote when it matters not at all.

    You vote for one or the other and its just one crook /conman or the other.

    Not a single one of them is honest or kept his word so in the end exercising your right to vote in becomes pointless tell we have a honest candidate.

  9. to vote
    To vote cause it is your civic duty TO vote. The politicians may be bad and corrupt, but if you don’t vote, then you can’t say anything when they enact the bill. You can’t say a bloody thing. When you vote, you are buying your god given RIGHT to complain. That’s right. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain when they raise your taxes, or take away more civil liberties. Nothing. So I don’t want to here anyone complaining unless they voted. I voted, which is why I can say that politicians are corrupt.

  10. Reply to vote
    So… you vote for corruption in our government – then when its corrupt and goes sideways to take away every spare cent you have, you can complain?

    great action plan..

  11. Reply to vote
    So… you vote for corruption in our government, as politicians get elected – then when its corrupt and goes sideways to take away every spare cent you have, you can complain?

    great action plan..

  12. hey nathan
    saying, “if you don’t vote, then you’ve given up your right to voice your opinion” is like saying, “if you don’t order from the menu, you can’t complain about the food you’re served.”

    saying, “i voted so i can complain” is retarded. flat out stupid. you claim you know the politicians are corrupt or whatever and you voted for what, the lesser of evils? and that gives you a right to complain? sure. you ordered a steak knowing it wouldn’t be that great, then you’re disappointed by just how bad it is and you can run your mouth because you knew it would be. nice work buddy. glad to have you on board.

    some of us who don’t like what’s on the menu find somewhere else to eat.