The Globe on Online Fears

The Globe's Ivor Tossel on the Internet issues that keep him up at night including the "copyright meltdown."

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  1. Harper hasn’t learned form JOhn Tory’s last election loss YET.
    btw theglobe and mail regestration process is totally broken ya have to sign up 50 times and it still dont work figured id spam hte hell out of that.
    ALSO just wiat till the 1st guy that gets nailed under the law gets a shock that with his wee 500$ fine he gets a 20,000 fine too. NICE now no one will use the itnerent and hollywood can go back to selling steroes at 50 times what they cost and charge me 30$ for a music cdr.

    Lets see how ready you are for your fellow canucks.
    Realizing that if dion had not brought the green shaft they’d be in power NOT YOU. Thats ONLY thing THAT saved you.
    You should have asked John Tory about how people like to pay more!