NB Politician Files Human Rights Complaint Over Lack of Broadband Access

The Daily Gleaner reports that Jack Carr, a Conservative candidate in a New Brunswick by-election, has filed a human rights complaint over the lack of high-speed Internet access in rural parts of the province.  The complaint names the provincial government, Aliant, and Rogers.


  1. People are free to live where they want, for the most part. If you choose to live in a rural area, you tacitly accept that some of the conveniences of an urban centre (public transit, cable television, public sewage systems) may not be available. To assume that you have a “right” to these services is fallacious. That would be similar to me moving from my small town of 1,000 residents to downtown Toronto, and then filing suit because the traffic is too noisy.

  2. Rural Sitizen. says:

    No, not everybody chooses to live out here just because they want to. We had to live out here because back when my parents got married, they had no money, and this was the cheapest place for them to live. And there are alot of other people like that too. We aret going to up and move our lives three minuites east, for highspeed acess.
    Because, what is the sence? It’s THREE MINUITES away. But then, small towns twenty minuites away , even ten, FIVE, have all the highspeed they want. But I live on a road off the highway, and they didnt leave a big enough area, to give us it, so really, it’s not very fair, now is it? I know people in the CITY here, that the house before them can get it, the house after them can get it , but them and the one across the road , dont have acess. Internet companys dont care, they arent going to expand just for one or two houses, even if its a few feet. Dial up is pretty much double highspeed, so they will just get more money. That is all they care about, money.