The New Copyright MPs

While copyright reform is unlikely to emerge as a top legislative priority in the current economic environment, there is little doubt that the Conservative minority government will return to the issue (whether Jim Prentice leads that charge as Industry Minister or shifts to Foreign Affairs is a separate matter).  With that in mind, having Members of Parliament who will speak out on the need for a balanced approach to copyright that preserves user rights is essential.  Coming out of last night's election, 34 candidates who supported the copyright pledge during the campaign were elected – 11 Liberals and 23 New Democrats, covering 8 of 10 provinces (only NB and Saskatchewan do not have a copyright MP).  In some ridings – particularly Edmonton-Strathcona where Conservative Rahim Jaffer lost to the NDP's Linda Duncan – it is certainly possible that copyright swung enough votes to help make the difference. 

Looking ahead, the tens of thousands of Canadians who support fair copyright will look to build on this solid base of support so that fair copyright receives wide support in Parliament.  The New Copyright MPs:

  • Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP, St. Paul’s, ON
  • Ujjal Dosanjh, Liberal MP, Vancouver South, BC
  • Glen Pearson, Liberal MP, London North Centre, ON
  • Joyce Murray, Liberal MP, Vancouver Quadra, BC
  • Marlene Jennings, Liberal MP, NDG-Lachine, QC
  • Paul Szabo. Liberal MP, Mississauga South, ON
  • Gerard Kennedy, Liberal MP, Parkdale-High Park, ON
  • Frank Valeriote, Liberal MP, Guelph, ON
  • Shawn Murphy, Liberal MP, Charlottetown, PE
  • Mike Savage, Liberal MP, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, NS
  • Bonnie Crombie, Liberal MP, Mississauga Streetsville, ON
  • Charlie Angus, New Democrat MP, Timmins-James Bay, ON
  • Olivia Chow, New Democrat MP, Trinity-Spadina, ON
  • Libby Davies, New Democrat MP, Vancouver East, BC
  • Bill Siksay, New Democrat MP, Burnaby-Douglas, BC
  • Dawn Black, New Democract MP, New Westminster–Coquitlam, BC
  • Irene Mathyssen, New Democrat MP, London-Fanshawe, ON
  • Wayne Marston, New Democrat MP, Hamilton East – Stoney Creek, ON
  • Jean Crowder, New Democrat MP, Nanaimo–Cowichan, BC
  • Denise Savoie, New Democrat MP, Victoria, BC
  • Judy Wasylycia-Leis, New Democrat MP, Winnipeg North, MB
  • Pat Martin, New Democrat MP, Winnipeg Centre, MB
  • Alex Atamanenko, New Democrat MP, BC Southern Interior, BC
  • Paul Dewar, New Democrat MP, Ottawa Centre, ON
  • Chris Charlton, New Democrat MP, Hamilton Mountain, ON
  • John Rafferty, New Democrat MP, Thunder Bay Rainy River, ON
  • Niki Ashton, New Democrat MP, Churchill, MB
  • Don Davies, New Democrat MP, Vancouver Kingsway, BC
  • Jack Harris, New Democrat MP, St. John's East, NF
  • Megan Leslie, New Democrat MP, Halifax, NS
  • Bruce Hyer, New Democrat MP, Thunder Bay Superior North, ON
  • Carol Hughes, New Democrat MP, Algoma Manitoulin Kapuskasing, ON
  • Linda Duncan, New Democrat MP, Edmonton Strathcona, AB
  • Malcolm Allen, New Democrat MP, Welland, ON


  1. My MP (Paul Dewar) and my parents’ new MP (Bonnie Crombie, for whom they turfed out the aisle-crossing creep Wajid Khan) are both pledge supporters. Hurrah.

  2. Next steps in the copyfight
    So for those of us lucky enough to have a copyright MP in Parliament, what else can we do to help the fair copyright fight? Our MPs say they’re committed to it, so we don’t necessarily have to write to them anymore. I’m definitely going to continue educating people about the issue and try to get them to write to their MPs (if their MPs haven’t already pledged). Aside from just continuing to make noise and keep this issue at the forefront, what else can we do? It’s not over yet.

  3. Stephen Downes says:

    34 out of more than 300 isn’t very encouraging.

  4. A Telco Security Dweeb says:

    Copyright “Reform” and Libraries
    Hello Michael and others,

    As you know, the impact of the Tories’ dreadful last attempt at (sic.) “copyright reform” would have been felt in many different areas, and to Michael’s credit he did not concentrate just on the obvious ones such as digital music, etc..

    On the impacts to libraries, I just ran across a perfect example (from the United Kingdom) of the likely impact of this kind of nonsense… check out the following URL:

    [ link ]

    (It is by a guy named Rupert Goodwins at ZDNet UK).

    … and it’s what awaits, if the Tories try this stuff again.

    A Telco Security Dweeb

  5. Next steps
    For those of us who do not or no longer have a copyright MP in Parliament, what can we do? Many of us no longer have a representative who cares about rights of individuals. The list contains only New Democrats and (a small number of) Liberals. Given the way Harper runs his dictatorship, almost half of Canadians no longer have representation. The Conservative MPs will just have to go along with Harper\’s directives. All of the other MPs will have to work together to prevent the bill from getting through next time. As Ben notes, \”it\’s not over yet\”… until we\’ve lost. Suggestions on how to prevent that from happening?

  6. Recruiting more!
    I’m going to work on my new MP (NDP Glenn Thibeault, Sudbury, ON) to see if we can add his name to the list ASAP. Who else can we target?

  7. No one ever asked Bloc Quebecois MP ? My BQ candidate said to me that the BQ is strongly opposed to the copyright reform as the C-61 bill proposed. Can someone ask a stance to Gilles Duceppe ?

  8. i see olivia chow on that list, but where is jack layton? how does he feel about copyright reform? let’s get on his case and ask him!

    i’m happy to see my mp (paul dewar) on the list.

  9. Jack Layton
    Jacob, Mr. Layton’s campaign sent me the NDP party line response when I asked them about copyright. So it looks like he supports our viewpoints but isn’t personally passionate about it.

  10. Sorry but Harper and Prentice will steamroller through C-61 or its replacement and if anything what’s been on this blog will make them even less sympathetic to other opinions. The ultra-hardline tone was fine if there was a chance of a different government but not it is going to backfire big time.

  11. Bruno Godin says:

    Keep going
    If your MP supports the pledge, congratulate them and encourage them to (continue to) be vocal about the issue.

    If your MP doesn’t support the pledge, keep writing, educating, and pressing them to rethink their stance.

    Either way, we must all continue to educate people on the issue and get as much exposure as possible.

  12. Follow Through
    It will be interesting to see how many of these candidates actually follow through on their commitments.