The Fight for Canada’s Digital Future

Last week, I had the pleasure of delivering talks in Vancouver and Edmonton that reflected on the last year and the Canadian battle over copyright reform.  A podcast of the Vancouver talk has been posted online.

Update:  A podcast of the Edmonton talk is now also available.

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  1. to download or not to download
    This kind of nonsense is really annoying– they don’t give a url to download from, but the url of a script that demands membership in something or other. But they will let you listen online. Right. How does that work again? The player *downloads* the audio and plays it. So they want you to be able to listen, but only if you have time to do so right now! WTF? So you copy the url out of the player and download that; or find the cache file.

    I mean for gods sake– if they don’t want people listening to it just don’t put the damn thing online. And if they do, then make it simple and stop being so annoying.

    Read my lips: playing a digital file means *having a copy*. Buy a new calendar, already. It’s 2008.

  2. You can stream the file without registering.

    To download, you have to register. To register is free.

  3. That’s ok– I downloaded it without registering. That’s my point– what they did is inconvenient, but blocks nothing. They merely force an extra step or two to find the url. Waste of time.

  4. @Maupassant: They’re not doing that to stop you from downloading the MP3. They’re just trying to make the process easier for Registered users than for Un-Registered users. This provides incentive for users to register (like nag-ware).

    What benefit they get from having users register, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s part of a targeted advertising campaign!

  5. The site was created to allow non-commercial radio producers to exchange their work with other Canadian radio stations. By registering, producers then know which radio stations are downloading their work for broadcast purposes. It just so happens that the public can access it too! Emails are not collected for any advertising purposes.