Stephen Taylor: Clement on Copyright Reform

Stephen Taylor posts the first interview with new Industry Minister Tony Clement on copyright reform.  Clement positions himself as a part of the iPod generation, emphasizes the effects of new media, and keeps the door open to potential changes to Bill C-61.


  1. soon as i goto the computer that has sound ill listen.

    HE’s what however? Part of what generation.
    What color is this guys hair anyhow?

    I am 38 and i aint even close to an iPOD generation.
    unless hes under 25 he can’t make this claim neither.

    ONLY RICH KIDS can afford one, others will have to rob them of that joy literally.

    Changes to bill-c61 eh? YA be a man clement, your inhte big leagues now….

    And better start being nice neo cons looking like Obama is what he said he’d be….

  2. Excelent!
    It’s so nice to see an Industry Minister who isn’t afraid to talk. The last one did nothing but run away from the cameras.

  3. chronoss – There are cheaper MP3 players now a days. You can pick one up that does virtually everything an Ipod does for under $100 CDN. The only problem, it doesn’t play anything you buy from Itunes. You’ll need a file converter for that, but opps I forgot those are illegal. I wonder what program Clement uses for converting his media files?

    Let’s hope Clement understands the needs of the Ipod generation. I think a threat of a fierce, more organized opposition to a bill that doesn’t strike the right balance from all sectors is starting to emerge and that may put pressure that’s needed on the Government to come up with a solution that doesn’t criminalize or make consumers liable for everyday activities, and demanding media be interoperable and easy to obtain. Maybe this time, the Government will put forth legislation that will force media companies to follow the demands of the market, rather than forcing the market around the needs of the media companies. One could only hope.

  4. chronoss: “I am 38”
    I wonder who will believe you that you are 38.

  5. Many people have iPods, even the not-rich. As Jason says there are many very good MP3 players available for considerably less than any iPod. You should be able to find something with a screen for the same price as an iPod shuffle, with comparable storage.
    I want to hate Minister Clement because of his bumbling and embarrassing comments regarding safe injection sites during his previous term as health minister; comments which certainly diminished Canada’s stature and prestige on the world stage.
    However, if he and Minister Moore actually use the technology which they are supposed to be regulating they stand a far greater chance of understanding the inherent implications and potential.

  6. The right balance.
    thanks for the embed I think i’ll save this one for the next Copyright mashup.

    I’ll believe ‘change’ when I see it. Im betting theirs little to no changes since c61.

    Mr Clement. How do you plan on finding the right balance? You mentioned feedback, how are consumers going to be involved in the feedback?