U.S. Court Hits Canadian Spammer With $873 Million Damage Award

A U.S. court has awarded Facebook $873 million in damages arising from spam on the popular social networking site.  The target of the suit is Adam Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital of Montreal.  The award is the largest ever under the U.S. Can-Spam Act.  While it is unlikely that Facebook will receive payment, the decision highlights yet again how Canada has fallen woefully behind many other countries in the battle against spam.  There are Canadian-based spamming organizations, yet no effective law in Canada to address the issue.  Years after the National Task Force on Spam recommended legislation for Canada, no government has introduced anti-spam legislation, forcing organizations like Facebook to turn to U.S. courts to deal with a problem that originates in Canada.  Moreover, despite including anti-spam legislation in its election platform, the issue was nowhere to be found in last week's Speech from the Throne.

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  1. That’s the problem with too many “Gray hairs” in parliament
    The internet and technology just isn’t a real thing to them. It’s a toy. It’s something the children talk on.

    So, will the spammer been extradited? How will they force him to pay?

  2. Facebook wouldn’t pay – they would receive the damages. Don’t you have it backwards?

  3. It appears our governing bodies do NOT take a lot of things seriously – the internet, telecommunications, the people. Once voted in, they become deaf to the voters, and listen strictly to big business.

    Highly unlikely Facebook will see as much as a dime from these people, since there can be an argument the infraction wasn’t truly done ‘on American soil’. And since we don’t have anti-spam legislation in place, well, then there is no infraction per se.

    Yup, all our politicians do is figure ways of increasing their payrolls, fraternize with the telcos, suck up to the recording industries, and not give a damn about the people that voted them in, care about any issue they can’t/won’t understand.

    God help us all.

  4. random reader says:

    Ah great, they are even attacking random blogs now…

    It seems that Captcha thing does not work…

  5. it doesnt stop spam if you manually type it in silly , and viva la victory if the NDP and liberals topple the tory government WOOT

    DO IT

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    Moreover, despite including anti-spam legislation in its election platform, the issue was nowhere to be found in last week’s Speech from the Throne.