SAC Proposal Debated At Nova Scotia Music Week

The News reports that the SAC file sharing proposal was the subject of considerable debate at the Nova Scotia Music Week.


    As i said at fair copyright for canada
    they go from 70 million to wanted 1.1 billion
    ya sure
    if we give 5$ a month lets add tv, and movies
    as mentioned in a 3 page nicely outputted easy to read little article i wrote including how to manage what and how to give out the cash etc.

    If it were don’t world wide…thnk this way.
    USA = 8 times the size of canada,
    UK 2.5 times
    that’s over 12 billion to mpaa/bsa/riaa.
    You could use dl stats in each country and then divvy out per each dl
    a ratio formula that could weigh more to a movie , then tv ep , then application, then music would be a way to solve some other issues.

    HOWEVER this cannot be allowed to be controlled by the same people that have or want to SUE us in canada.
    I will refuse to endorse or pay anything to them goons if they control it. We have the internet lets use it and vote for each region to have reps, we have video conferencing lets use the tech.

  2. Just Stupid
    I’m a songwriter and I’m embarrassed by association of this whole idea. It’s ridiculous to propose to charge people for “services” or products you can’t prove are rendered. Not everybody with an internet connection downloads music. Not everybody with an internet connection even has broadband. So how on earth does a cross-the-board blanket fee make any sense?

    Also, Celine Dion and Bryan Adams would make a mint off of this proposal…except who’s downloading Dion & Adams? Why should they make anything off it?

  3. SAC Proposal Debated At Nova Scotia Music Week
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