Saskatchewan Promises Universal Broadband Access

The Saskatchewan government has pledged to make broadband universally accessbile within three years.  The government has promised millions of dollars to improve its rural telecommunications infrastructure.


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    That such a promise would come from Brad Wall…
    …is a surprise, but if he delivers on it to the Saskatchewanians’ satisfaction, it’ll be a welcome one.

    I’ll keep an eye on this.

  2. BC Broadband?
    Didnt bc try this and fail horribly years ago?

    They run the lines in or subsidise them into the communities and the local ISP’s fail to spread it around so everyones still on dialup everywhere.

  3. BC?
    Having been involved, I think that you and I have different meanings for ‘run in’, ‘subsidize’ and ‘money-grubbing monopoly’.

  4. the regina mom says:

    and they’ll contract it all out to the private sector so their buds can rake in some dough from the public purse. Oh, they are all lined up and waiting for their turn at the trough. It’s gross!