CRTC Net Neutrality Interrogatories

Mark Goldberg points to a tabulated response summarizing the interrogatory responses in the CRTC's net neutrality proceeding.


  1. Ummmm – so all of the internet providers basically admit they have no idea what percentage of their traffic is made up of P2P packets? Yet they are positive that P2P traffic is a problem. Am I missing something here?

  2. Most of it is filed in confidence to avoid public scrutiny. So, there is definitely a need to get a court order requiring the disclosure of what was filed in confidence.

  3. Public process?
    Well, it appears rather clearly that the Canadian Public is not invited in this public process; at least not in a participative way.

  4. MickeyHickey says:

    Time for war on the oligopoly
    The public is being treated with contempt. This behaviour is encouraged by the gov’t. Hopefully the Liberals after their period in the wilderness will turn the CRTC into something other than the joke it has become. The competition bureau is another lame duck organization that needs to be invigorated. If big business wants to be in my pocket i want them tightly regulated. The Ronald Regan era has come to a crashing halt and even the worms are turning.