Ottawa Announces $10.7 Million Digital Media Project

The federal government has announced plans to spend over $10 million to establish a "Corridor for Advancing Canadian Digital Media" from Stratford to Kitchener.  Coming on the heels of the Nortel bankruptcy, this initiative reinforces the tech shift westward from Ottawa to Waterloo.  While tech leadership once resided with Nortel, JDS, Corel, Newbridge, and Cognos, the shift to RIM, Open Text, etc. has a direct effect on the location of future tech iniatives in Canada.

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  1. Chasing Distraction says:

    Poor Ottawa…
    The pun was intended – poor Ottawa other than the governemnt we are losing all of our other industries. With som many feeling the pinch right now I thought I would come up with some free things to do in Ottawa… Just cause your poor doesn’t mena you shouldn’t have some fun, as long as it is free of course.