NFB Makes Films Free Online

The CBC reports that the National Film Board of Canada has launched a new project that makes over 700 films freely available online.  The site is part of a $1.3 million digitization project.


  1. Darryl Moore says:

    interesting fine print
    You know there is something wrong with you, when you regularly read the legal notices on a website. From the NFB site:

    Links to this Site

    You may create links to our Site for non-commercial purposes only. These links should not be interpreted as a validation or endorsement or promotion of third-party content. If you wish to solicit a business relationship with the National Film Board of Canada, you need an explicit written agreement.

    While their announcement is certainly a step in the right direction, this notice which presumes that they have the right to regulate who can link to them, tells me they still aren’t quite getting it.

    I have a few questions about their copyright claims of some of their older pieces too. There are a few there from the 20’s of which they should be acknowledging their public domain status.

    Ah well, two steps forward, one back. We may get there eventually.

  2. Jason Locklin says:

    Streaming only
    From the article, it appears that it is streaming only. Teachers needing an offline copy will still need to pay for this taxpayer funded educational resource.

  3. Smoke and Mirrors
    With videotrons lousy 30-gig cap,
    With Rogers lousy 60-gig cap
    With Bell’s lousy 60-gig cap
    With the throttle,
    With streaming video next on the chopping block after P2P,

    This whole NFB thing is smoke and mirrors.

    They release 700 films for the public for “free”. Yet, it will cost the average Joe because Canada has one of the lowest bit caps going.

    The only benefit is to countries like the US and Korea who don’t have our ridiculous bit-caps.

    The NFB Should be part of the CRTC hearing on neutrality and “traffic management”.

    Why would I use the NFB site and pay for B/W over-charges?


    The NFB is in la-la land.

    But I’m sure the Koreans and Americans thank them :/

  4. Darryl Moore says:

    Red Herring
    Hey Smokey. The argument that capping will limit peoples access to these is a red herring. An average short film is only a few megabytes in size. Maybe as high as 10 or 20 if you go with the high rez stream which means you’d be able to watch several thousand of these things in a month before reaching your cap.

    The throttling is of course a different issue. We have no idea if the ISP’s are throttling these streams or not.

    um get an americna friend to download htem then on a Sftp use ssh and download at your hearts content OR ill use my seed box and then giv eyou all every damn film via a public ftp for a week
    SSH is not download encrypted on bells back end the upload is and ill add if your a CAIP member you cna still get more then 60 GB
    so to be honest go get it all before they cap it all out

  6. AND its not free all i see is pay fo rhtis and that so fraud by the govt
    streamign what who cares aobut that use a video downlaoder and a seedbox and get the flash video reocde to xvid and wella thing is im not doing that effort for this crap.

  7. ANYHTING prior to 1959 = public domain
    if they are releasing it then make it available dont stream it out

  8. PUBLIC DOMAIN NFB movies / documentaries PART 1
    arrival 1957,
    atlantic crossroads 1945,
    atlantic patrol 1940,
    back to jobs 1945,
    [the back breaking leaf 1959 -dpends when in 1959 …]
    banshees over canada 1943,
    beaver familly 1929,
    beaver people 1928,
    begone Dull care 1949,
    behind the swastika:Nazi attrocites 1945,
    boogie-doodle 1941,
    the caleche driver 1953,
    call for volinteers 1941,
    canadian landscape 1941,
    carnival in quebec 1957,
    the case of charlie gordon 1939,
    a chairy tale 1957,
    the changing forest 1958,
    chemical conquest 1958,
    children from overseas 1940,
    churchill’s island 1941,
    Corral 1954,
    Corvette prot arthur 1943,
    crossroads 1957,
    the days before christmas 1958,
    democracy at work 1944,
    everywhere in the world 1942,
    eye witness no. 40 , 1952
    eye witness no. 46 , 1952,
    the face of the high arctic 1958,
    food, weapon of conquest 1941,
    food: secret of the peace 1945,
    fortress japan 1944,
    a friend for supper 1944,
    gateway to asia 1945,
    hen hop 1942,
    high arctic:Life on the land 1958,
    home to the land 1944,
    how to build an iglo 1949,
    inside fighting china 1942,
    inside france 1944,
    john bull’s own island 1945,
    keep your mouth shut 1944,(haha i like that)
    labour front 1943,

  9. PUBLIC DOMAIN NFB movies / documentaries PART 2
    Land of the long day 1952,
    Let’s look at water 1947,
    Letter from aldershot 1940
    Letter from overseas 1943,
    lismer 1951,
    The living stone 1958,
    Look to the forest 1950,
    le marie 1958,
    Montreal by night 1947,
    Neighbors 1952,
    Now – The peace 1945,
    Ordeal by ice 1945,
    Our northern neighbor 1945,
    Paul TomKowicz: street-railway switchman 1953,
    Proudly she marches 1943,
    Red Runs the fraser 1949,
    The road to civvy street 1945,
    the romance of transportation in canada 1952,
    Royal journey 1951,
    Spotlight on the Balkans 1945,
    the stratford adventure, 1954,
    suffer little children 1945,
    survival in the bush 1954,
    timber front 1940,
    tp the ladies 1946,
    tomorrow’s world 1943,
    treasure of the forest 1958,
    trees are a crop 1950,
    varley 1953,
    the war for men’s minds 1943,
    water for the prairies 1951,
    welcome soldier 1944,
    windbreaks on the prairies 1943,
    wings on her shoulder 1943,
    women are warriors,

  10. OH and think doctor who for what happens when you hoard your film
    they had a fire that destroyed sci fi history of the longest running sci fi show and also they later destroyed a huge amount of material , makes ya wonder why we pay for all this to get made if its not 100% added to the public domain we do pay for it…..