U.S. Airways Flight 1549 and Social Media

Brendan Hodgson has an interesting post on the rapid online response to the recent US Airways crash, including a short video that shows the remarkable creation of a Wikipedia entry.


  1. lawsuit/s
    I wanted to comment about the recent information I heard about a passenger from Flight 1549 suing USAir. How crazy is that? Why would you not just be thankful for your life after a crash like that? How many people survive airplane crashes??? I think people and their friends just have a “lottery” mindset and anything is a chance for them to get a “windfall”. People are so selfish and greedy! I would love & be happy with a refund of my ticket let alone $5000 for any inconvenience and “replacement” of property. If I had anything of value lost that exceeded this amount, I’m sure with some kind of paperwork, the airline would reimburse gladly. People should get their minds off themselves and think of what matters most…their lives, not “stuff”.

  2. A plane crash is exactly what happened to flight 1549
    Grumbling over a payday loan application wouldn’t seem so bad anymore. A plane crash is exactly what happened to flight 1549 out of LaGuardia en route to South Carolina, when the plane endured a bird strike. Bird strike is when a plane flies into a flock of birds that gets sucked into the engines then gets shot out the other side. Larger birds, such as the Canada Geese that this plane hit, tend to foul the blades in the engine fan, and then the engine goes out. Both engines on this flight stopped, and the plane was steered magnificently by the pilot into a gradual descent and a soft water landing. There were no fatalities whatsoever, and all passengers were recovered without serious injury. There are really instances that come unexpectedly. If you want to know more, fly on over to the payday loan blog at

  3. Personally, I think every one of the passengers on flight 1549 on that fateful day should be grateful that US Airways employs such highly experienced and qualified personnel and be happy that each was reimbursed for their lost belongings and were given $5000. Any thought of bringing a lawsuit against US Airways in relation to this incident is deplorable- US AIRWAYS WAS NOT AT FAULT! This “hit the lottery” mindset is clogging our courts and ultimatley make all of us pay for these ludicrous law suits. If you folks want to sue someone… SUE THE GEESE!!!