B.C. Big Opt-Out

Several B.C. groups have launched the B.C.'s Big Opt-Out, a response to fears about the privacy protection associated with personal health information management.  The initiative provides the tools to allow residents to opt-out by providing opt-out requests to various health care professionals.


  1. Only idiots use it
    After what had happened to CRTC’s leak on do not call list[1], you will have to be an absolute idiot to sign on to any opt-out scheme.


  2. You read the article and web site then?
    So, you read the article and web site or wrote an opinion based on assumption and speculation?

    This is an advocacy group pointing out some very credible concerns. Their opt out is a process of allowing the citizenry a chance of letting their health care providers know their concerns. This could have the effect of allowing those professionals to put pressure on the Gov’t to change the approach being taken. This is _not_ about getting a telephone call or not, it is about much more. Read about Sun Microsystems, also read about

    Then, sit back and let your duly elected provincial government really take care of you.