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CRIA Launching Grassroots Campaign for Canadian DMCA

As the Canadian government considers its next move on copyright reform, it would appear that the Canadian Recording Industry Association is readying a grassroots campaign to argue for a repeat of Bill C-61.  The following leaked email was widely distributed from an executive at one of the major record labels:

I'm sure that all of you are aware of the current challenges that we have within our industry around copyright infringement. What you may not know is that there is a lack of support within our government for laws that are currently in place NOT protecting copyright work. Virtually every other developed nation in the world has taken one key step to keep peer to peer downloading under control: they have modernized their copyright rules for the digital age. It is time Canada's Parliament implement similar, long overdue reforms, in keeping with our country's commitments under the 1996 WIPO Internet Treaties.

You can make a difference by understanding the current challenging situation, talking to your colleagues about it, and letting your MP know how you feel about this. Below and attached is a Frequently Asked Question form that can bring you up to speed on the issues and other info that you may not be aware of. Take a minute to review, and then please follow up by sending an email to your MP if you feel that music and these matters are important to you.  In addition to the email message, or as an alternative, please write a letter or call your MP and the Heritage and Industry Ministers. 

The letter then lists the addresses for Industry Minister Tony Clement and Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore along with links to a series of supportive organizations and a non-functioning link to a Copyright FAQ that is currently hosted at Universal Music (but indicating that the source is CRIA).

While the industry may face some challenges in generating a major grassroots campaign demanding a Canadian DMCA, more important is their planned Copyright FAQ which unsurprisingly tells only one side of the story.  There are no questions about the robust copyright collective system in Canada, private copying, the Songwriters proposal, the CMCC, the effectiveness of notice-and-notice to address online infringement, etc.  Instead, the FAQ states [with commentary in brackets from me]:

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French Politicians Reject Three Strikes Law

The French National Assembly has rejected the three-strikes and you're out proposal.  In a surprising vote, the Assembly voted 21 – 15 against, joining a growing list of countries that have dropped attempts to cut off access for Internet users based on unproven copyright infringement allegations.

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B.C. Big Opt-Out

Several B.C. groups have launched the B.C.'s Big Opt-Out, a response to fears about the privacy protection associated with personal health information management.  The initiative provides the tools to allow residents to opt-out by providing opt-out requests to various health care professionals.

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The ACTA Document and Obama Transparency

There are many reports about the release this week of an ACTA summary document that was first made available on the USTR website.  These articles suggest that this reflects new support for transparency from the Obama administration.  While it may be true that the administration supports greater transparency, making that […]

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City of Toronto To Launch Transparency in Government Website

The CBC reports that City of Toronto Mayor David Miller announced at this week's Mesh Conference that the city plans to launch a transparency website that aggregates public records.

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