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Wolverine Leaked By Inside Job

The NY Times reports on the leak of an unfinished copy of X-Mens Origins: Wolverine, a much-anticipated film set for theatrical release on May 1st.  As was the case with virtually every Oscar-nominated film, it is not unauthorized camcording that is responsible, but rather an insider leak.

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Poilievre Changes His Tune on Privacy and Google Street View

Earlier this week, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre attracted considerable attention by raising the privacy concerns associated with Google Street View.  Poilievre was quoted asking "is there going to be a mass database of people's images? What are the benefits to Canada of allowing this to occur?"  The original article states that:

Poilievre said he is particularly concerned about the original versions of those images that will be archived by Google. The original versions of the images will not be blurred. He said they could pose a privacy risk for Canadians if they somehow leaked out. He also questioned where the images would be stored and whether privacy laws could protect Canadians if the images were stored on a foreign computer server.

Poilievre appears to have had a change of heart.  His concerns are not that Canadian privacy law is too weak to address these issues, but rather that it is too strong.  In a National Post op-ed, Poilievre is now concerned that Canadian privacy law might create a barrier to Google Street View.  He starts by noting:

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