Wolverine Leaked By Inside Job

The NY Times reports on the leak of an unfinished copy of X-Mens Origins: Wolverine, a much-anticipated film set for theatrical release on May 1st.  As was the case with virtually every Oscar-nominated film, it is not unauthorized camcording that is responsible, but rather an insider leak.


  1. so what? are you arguing that camcording shouldn’t be prohibited or that both behaviors are wrong or neither?

  2. Captian Hook says:

    ayyyy billy
    No, he is arguing that the new camcorder law does nothing to reduce the posting of movies on the Internet. Previously he’d argued that taking this behaviour (which was already illegal) from the civil to the criminal sphere was inappropriate. This event and his current comment lend weight to that POV.

    BTW, in case you can’t find it.

    Currently there are almost 60,000 seeders and leechers on this tracker alone. Probably a comparable number on other trackers too. The MAFIAA would make all these soon to be 100’s of thousands of people into criminals if they had their way. Not to mention Michael for having a link to it on his site and me for putting it there.

    Obviously there is a huge proportion of the population who simply disagree with them, which means our law makers have 2 choices. Find a way to terrorize these people into changing their behaviour with human rights abusing civil and criminal penalties, or change the laws to make the actions of a huge number of people NOT CRIMINAL.

  3. I think he’s trying to point out the insanity and harm of harassing theatre-goers in the name of preventing piracy via camcorders. This is driving away business, it’s attacking people whose actions aren’t harming people and most importantly, it totally fails to address the problem. Piracy doesn’t arise because someone records a minute or two of a film on their cell phone and it rarely occurs with full-size camcorders in a theatre. It’s most often due to collusion with insiders yet the media attention, hysterical press releases and attack money is directed at the patrons. Amping up the penalties for recording movies won’t change a thing because they aren’t the problem, they never were.

  4. Chris Brand says:

    1. It will still be very successful at the box office.
    2. The movie industry will still use it as an example of why we need “tougher” copyright law.
    3. The government will agree.

  5. leaks
    Firstly, causalities are there to seen already. FoxNews had to can a person for “talking too much”.
    Its as far as I know an incomplete copy of the movie. Fox said that taking down the movie and (I doubt Michael would get into water for a link), is an enormous task to do. Fox will surely watch this movie box office receipts when it premieres- (see piracy dented or hurt them.)

  6. They’re rich enough
    Gee I feel so bad for the wonderful, warm and gentle executives who run the movie industry and the talking mannequins who they shove down our throats in bad movie after bad movie. If this keeps up how will celebs and execs be able to afford high priced prostitutes, private jets and cocaine? God it would just be the end of the world if a movie star didn’t make a zillion dollars to do a job most are expected to do for free.