French Politicians Reject Three Strikes Law

The French National Assembly has rejected the three-strikes and you're out proposal.  In a surprising vote, the Assembly voted 21 – 15 against, joining a growing list of countries that have dropped attempts to cut off access for Internet users based on unproven copyright infringement allegations.


  1. David Akermanis says:

    Not so fast…
    They’re going to do a second read of this due to absentee MPs, I am almost sure of it.

  2. Anthony Hemond says:

    @David Akermanis
    Sure, it will have a second read at AN but it’s a HUGE defeat for this government.

  3. Indeed
    36 MPs out of 577 total: if this isn’t a shame for a democracy!

    The second vote should happen after Easter, when they’re all back from their loooooong break, most likely towards the end of the month of April… 😉

    I still haven’t figured what criteria they want to use before sending out warnings to people…