Canada Confirms ACTA Participation

The U.S. announcement of its plans to continue with the ACTA negotiations was actually part of a joint statement from all ACTA partners.  The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs has posted a similar statement, noting its plans to participate in the Morocco meeting in July 2009.


  1. SARKOZY SAYS 1$ FER YOU says:

    harper confirms lacky is middle name

  2. ACTA is teh suck
    Canadian citizenship for sale. If we are going to institute warrant-free searches, a predecessor to a complete police state, I am more scared of my own government than terrorism. So citizenship for sale, cheap, you can have mine, idk if I want it.

  3. US – EFF and PK Reluctantly Drop Lawsuit For ACTA Info
    The Obama Administration’s decision to support Bush-era concealment policies has forced the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Public Knowledge (PK) to drop their lawsuit about the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

  4. HITLER IS PROUD says:

    Seriously put it to a vote of the people harper and see why you are all trying to UNDEMOCRATICALLY pass a set of laws that are not supporte by ANYONE but YOU and your USA cronies.

    THATS treason in my minds eye as you are subverting our parliamentary system and doing it for the benefit of a foreign power.

    The RIAA and MPAA are now begging to look and sound like economic terrorists world over.