Conference Board Apologies To Curtis Cook

The Conference Board story generates mainstream media coverage yet again today, but missing from those stories was a private apology (scroll to comments) from CEO Anne Golden to Curtis Cook, who was wrongly listed as an author of the plagiarized report.

One Comment

  1. head shake says:

    CBoC made Mr. Curtis Cooks look like Mr. Wayne Crookes
    Curtis Cook should sue them and go for as much as possible.

    I’m surprised no one else said this.
    But I bet many sure as heck thought it.

    Imagine if one of us regular folk put out a “funded”, plagiarized and made up paper (or blog) then put Wayne Crooks Name on it (or Anne Goldens)?

    If people can be sued for merely posting a link, then Mr. Curtis can make a killing here.

    Wonder how many people read this reports with Mr. Curtis’ name on it.

    I wonder how loud the “funder” laughed at this.

    Full public distribution of made-up rubbish with Mr. Curtis’ name on it.

    No full apology.

    How sweet.

    P2Pnet has been sued for less (or “funders” have tried).

    But I guess regular non-funded people don’t have this type of opportunity.