Opposition MPs Call on CRTC To Name DNCL Violators

Liberal and NDP MPs are calling on the CRTC to name names by disclosing the identities of the companies fined under the do-not-call list.  The CRTC refuses to name the names if the companies pay the applicable fine.


  1. I’d like to see that list.
    I can name at least one company, possibly two, on that list because they refuse to honour the DNCL or personal requests to be removed. I’m not sure what good the DNCL is going to be overall if they don’t actually stop these places from calling even after they’ve been fined. There should be a way for individuals receiving these calls to block them, and have the blocking charges billed to the offending company.

  2. Maybe the companies are juveniles.

    Or maybe the CRTC is juvenile.

    Or both.

  3. Why is it…
    …that the CRTC serves and protects everyone BUT consumers?

  4. David Collier-Brown says:

    I’d certainly hope they’d announce
    Courts and quasi-judicial bodies need to
    work in public, as “justice must not only
    be done, but be seen to be done”.