Elizabeth May Advocates Against “Crazy Copyright Laws”

Gordon McDowell posts an interview with Green Party leader Elizabeth May on Canadian copyright policy.  May argues that there is no need for a Pirate Party in Canada because the Green Party already advocates against "crazy copyright laws."  May says that the party supports a 12 year copyright term.  The Green Party supported the copyright pledge during the 2008 election campaign.


  1. Franky B. says:

    Need for a party
    While I think it’s great that the Green party advocates against bad copyright laws, this doesn’t negate the need for a pirate party. It is possible to agree with the Green party on their copyright stance and still be against some of their other priorities, so a choice wouldn’t be bad.

    Besides, what’s wrong with having two parties with the same stance? The only argument against would be further fracturing the electorate, but we’re already fractured to the point where a majority government is impossible for most parties.

  2. Only that the Pirate Party isn’t called the Copyright Party. Their aim is to cover a much broader range of topics and therefore this particular argument is just not true. In fact, I wouldn’t even vote for any party for that matter if they were for “crazy copyright laws”. Crazy is what we have now. We need something more sane – and that is one of the things the Pirate Party is about.

  3. Wasted Votes says:

    Just we we need – a party advocating for a 12 year term ;-)And how precisely is this going to have any credibility? Makes about as much sense as proposing a ban on cars with more than 100 horsepower. Even less sense, actually, because there’s this little detail called the Berne Convention.

    She is a capable person in some ways – but she should join the Libs or the NDP if either will have her instead of splitting the vote and thus benefiting the ReformaTories.

  4. Merger?
    The two parties could merge and then we would have a new two-issue party instead of two one-issue parties.

    I’d actually prefer to vote for a party with (one or two) well-defined mandates rather than the current crop of ambiguous/waffle issue parties.

  5. pirates
    “Only that the Pirate Party isn’t called the Copyright Party”
    Thats right! Whats all this about copyright? Swords and Sails and eye patches for everyone! 🙂

  6. It has to be called Pirate Party or something catchier
    “Green party” name is boring, Pirate Party name is fun!

    And it could take more issues than just copyright and net neutrality.

  7. old one cell says:

    simple thought
    We should start an RIAA party.

    Our slogan will be suing the old to get to the kids.

    It will be a great reverse propaganda party.

    Start shouting pay for this pay for that, sue them for this, sue them for that.

    Should wake people up.

    I think I’ll fund a report on this with the CBoC. With them behind me I’ll be able to walk into any ministers doors just like they do.

  8. Conference Board of Canada brings bad memories
    You know, when I read newspaper articles and see Conference Board of Canada mentioned, I think about a dishonest astroturf corporation whose work is being paid by lobbyists here and there. And I am not alone.

    They better close CBoC, it completely lost its credibility with this policy laundering for me.

    I do not like United Nations either. It looks like a club of dictatorships from all over the world, enacting liberticide crap like WIPO Internet treaties.

  9. The Green Party Doesn’t Have A Spit Chance Of Winning A Seat
    While this Pirate Party might 🙂