Government Issues Media Advisory For Copyright Consultation

The Government has issued a media advisory for the official launch of the copyright consultation. It is planned for 12:45 in Vancouver on Monday following the first roundtable. The CBC provides additional coverage on the consultation plans.


  1. Robert Smits says:

    What short notice!
    This is extremely short notice for a “consultation”. Of course, if you’ve notified all the companies pressing for more restrictive copyright well in advance so they can stackthe meeting, as I suspect, and only now – the Friday before a Monday meeting of a so-called consultation so you won’t get much of a turnout, you may be able to rig the consultations if that’s your aim.

  2. JoeComputer says:

    Im issueing an advisory.
    an advisory to boycott this consultation.

    @robert the consultation isn’t rigged like a ballot vote. The stakes have clearly been placed against the average person. Did you get an invitation to the so called round-table talks? oh you didn’t? this is the point. You thought you had a voice.

  3. Vandad Aghili says:

    Where is this going to take place?
    Is this consultation open to the general public?
    Where is it going to take place?
    Could university students like myself go and watch and maybe participate?

  4. Chuck Canuk says:

    No one will get an invite. This is the Bilderberg group at it’s finest. Trying to control the media on the internet to further the new world order. Check out the members of the group of elitist billionaires who run the world. Google still supplies hits to their list and hidden secret agendas.