News Launches: My New Site on the Copyright Consultation

The 2009 Copyright consultation has already attracted considerable interest with hundreds of comments posted on official discussion forum, two roundtables, and several hundred followers of the official consultation Twitter feed.  Yesterday I posted my short answer to the consultation and starting tomorrow I plan to begin a lengthy blog series that discusses key issues in greater detail.

To help facilitate greater participation throughout the consultation process, today I am launching  The site features dozens of posts and videos on Canadian copyright law, the Twitter #copycon stream, information on Bill C-61, and a Take Action page that highlights the ways individual Canadians can speak out on copyright.


  1. Len MacKay says:

    Freely provided (FREE) programs
    In trying to resolve an issue with a program that claims to be a “free and safer” alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozzilla Thunderbird, in an attempt to resolve problems, the corresponding # they provided, offered resolutions only as long as i paid for their services. I personally did not install this program on my system and find no reason to pay for a service which I did not prescribe to.
    L D MacKay

  2. There are hundreds of comments on the english discussion forum, but theres only 5 on the french one, whats up with that!

  3. RE: Len MacKay
    Firstly, Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client, not a web browser. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser. Secondly, Mozilla support is provided online at their website, including active forums.

    Something tells me that post was spam.

  4. French Canada
    The almost complete lack of comments in the French section, especially compared to the english section, is probably related to a lack of public in information in French. With this blog and website, we’re lucky to have a rallying point. I don’t know of any French equivilant like it.