Manitoba Music Industry Association Distances Self From CRIA On Copyright Reform

The Winnipeg copyright roundtable is a must-listen as it includes some notable comments from the Manitoba Music Industry Association.  After numerous presentations at the roundtable calling for expanded fair dealing (from education, researchers, and artists), the MMIA argued:

We find ourselves in the Manitoba music industry more aligned with some of the creators coalitions and independent music groups and less aligned with CRIA and the RIAA.  Our members are generally speaking are not interested in anti-circumvention laws, they are not interested in suing fans.  No one from our membership is going to go out and sue fans because they copied some of their music.  What they are interested in is finding ways of monetizing the creative content.

With the songwriters and many Canadian musicians already distancing themselves from CRIA, it is interesting to even find a provincial music industry association doing the same.

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