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Trosow on Wal-Mart Using IP To Shut Down Union Site

Sam Trosow reports on Wal-Mart's efforts to shut down a union website by using intellectual property claims based primarily in trademark.


  1. Freedom of expression
    Dr. Geist,

    What are you opinions of this court filing?

    This union has had a rough time. Walmart stores in Quebec who voted for a Union completely shut down.

    Gatineua Walmart tire shops (raise of about 20-cents) shut down.

    Walmart stores who voted for a Union, shut down.

    One union made it.

    Now Walmart wants this Union website shut down and off-line.

    Is this trying to shut Quebec unions off?

    Is this trying to muscle via the courts to shut people off?

    Is this freedom of speech/expression/association being abused via courts?

    What is the big picture here?

    Any expert analysis of this?

  2. Vincent Clement says:

    Utterly stupid on Walmart’s part. Has no one there heard of the Streisand effect? Just more abuse of IP.

  3. ICBC adopting similar tactics?
    Sounds similar to this story: “ICBC sues owner of insurance-advice website”