(New) Last Day To Submit to Copyright Consultation: More Opinions Posted

Today is the new last day to submit to the copyright consultation with the grace period expiring at midnight.  It only takes a single email to register your views.  Whether you use a form letter or craft your own submission, every submission counts.  More posted views and submissions include:


  1. Paul Tichonczuk says:

    Here is my submission to the copyright consultation:

    Hope everyone can try to put something together today.

  2. An interesting bill upcoming that looks harmless on teh surface has widespread ramifications legally and constitutionally and could be used to enforce and investigate even specious IP cases with no defendant recourse. Check out bill C-6 and the fact that it sidesteps Due Process and a long list of rights under the law.

  3. Just something Mass is doing sums up some issues i have
    They are pushing a law for the right to repair, what they propose is only for cars, but IMO it should apply at large, we should have the right to the information that allows us to repair something we purchased. i.e. some hardware protected by foirmaware that locks parts replacement, for example i have an old archos the hard drive died, it is a standard hard drive, the firmware blocks it’s replacement. The part cannot be purchased anymore from them, a way around exist to by pass that restriction, i should be able to do so legally.
    Sorry to post hsi long post here.
    Just my 0.02$