Lawyers Weekly on Baker Copyright Class Action

The Lawyers Weekly has coverage of the Chet Baker copyright class action against the recording industry that could involve as much as $6 billion in liability.


  1. They call it breach of contract, but when I do it, it is piracy
    Somehow I’m someone who steals, where as they just violate some silly little contract. The fact is they have obviously stolen more than I and my fellow Canadians could steal and they want to hide behind names.

    I think all of these artists should ask for their $750 per track.

  2. Exactly
    You hit the nail on the head Jackson. There are way too many double-standards (triple? quadruple?) that are applied by these associations, and contract violation vs evil thief is a perfect example. One that’s always bothered me is how Canadians get threated by the MPAA for movie piracy while Russia & China get cheap, no frills R5 discs instead.

    It’s bad enough when corporations want to lay down the rules for government and people, it’s just pathetic when they want (and do) lay out different laws for different people.

  3. Hey, Sookman
    For it to be a breach of contract, there has to be a contract in the first place. Since there was no licensing contract, no contract has been breached. Therefore, the labels pirated the works.

    Of course, if you want to apply your logic, then consumers who make a copy for themselves and their friends aren’t pirates, they are breaching a social contract.

    Make up your mind.