Submissions on Canada-EU Trade Deal: Canadian Generic Pharma Assoc. Wants IP Out

Continuing the review of submissions to DFAIT regarding the Canada-EU Trade Agreement, the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association warned against the inclusion of any intellectual property provisions:

The very fact that both Canada and EU have robust IP systems in place should be a sufficient basis on which to enhance and expand our existing trade relationship. The Government of Canada has an obligation to ensure an economic agreement with the European Union will not harm domestic industries and will not disadvantage Canadian companies who export products to the United States and other countries. As such, it is the view of Canada's generic pharmaceutical industry that intellectual property should not be included in any economic negotiations between Canada and the European Union – particularly as the IP measures pertain to pharmaceuticals.


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    **Updated Jan 19th**

  2. Hindgrinder says:

    If I invented a machine that if i put 1 apple in at the beginning and 2 came out at the end I’d be obligated to share it to the world.
    Same is true with medical science.


  3. Great
    Just imagine the impact on our health systeme if we need to wait over 100 years to get a generic, low cost version of a drug.

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