EU Official Confirms ACTA Will Change Domestic Laws

IPTegrity reports that the Commissioner-designate for the Internal Market, Michel Barnier, has acknowledged that ACTA will change domestic legislative frameworks.  Despite claims that ACTA will not change the law in Europe, the comments suggest that changes are on the way.


  1. Again…
    …all the contradictions and conflicting conclusions could be done away with if they just f***ing provided transparency.

  2. This will not change canadian law as the Industry Minister has suggested right?

    “International negotiations are subservient to any bill passed in this house” -MP Tony Clement

    Can anyone explain to me why it will change European Law but not Canadian?
    Too many lies and half-truths to this ACTA subject.

    I am uncomfortable with our government negotiating away our fundamental democratic right to legislative assembly if this is the true nature of these negotiations.

  3. @Matthew
    This may be a fine point, but the key word used by Minister Clement was “negotiations”. He is correct that, during the period of negotiations, Canada’s position would be subservient to laws passed by Parliament. However, once the treaty is ratified, that changes to “obligations”, and laws may need to be modified at that point.

    It may not be what you expected, but I don’t believe it is inconsistent with what he said, taken at face value.

  4. @Anon-K
    You may be right, however, try and convince me that it was not a deliberate play on technicalities in order to buy some more time before the mass of Canada begins to wake up to this little pickle.

    Let’s put this another way. A hot women booked a date with you a month in advance. Excited, you show up at the date only to find a man. Of course, she did not lie to you. She was heterosexual when she asked you out.