UK Gov’t On ACTA: Lack of Transparency Not In the Public Interest

The UK Government discusses the lack of transparency in an EU access to information request:

"More broadly with respect to ACTA the UK considers that transparency is crucial to ensure the legitimacy of the agreement and to stop the spread of rumours. We believe the lack of transparency is unhelpful and do not believe that it is in the public interest."


  1. For a second, I though the title said “US Gov’t On ACTA”, but my eyes were just deceiving me.

    Still, good to see major government acknowledging the travesty that is ACTA.

  2. While they are at it…
    They should do something about “digital economy bill”.

  3. Laurel L. Russwurm says:

    but then again,
    @Eric… it doesn’t matter what the American government or the American people think; the USA participation in ACTA is as an executive order; the only American who can stop ACTA is President Obama. The only one who can make it law is President Obama with the stroke of a pen. Of course, if enough people kick and scream about it it mat still be stopped.

    @ A. Coward… Fortunately there has been a lot of kicking and screaming about the Digital Economy Bill, and of course Jeeves — er, Stephen Fry — was leading the charge to get the talktalk petition signed (imagine a world where an ISP fights for net neutrality… yes I know our Independent ISPs are kind of busy fighting for their corporate lives)

    It’s the EU Demands for Trade Deal Would Reshape Canadian IP Law that worries me…