Brazil May Target U.S. IP To Retaliate for WTO Violation

Brazil is threatening to ignore U.S. patents in retaliation for WTO violations over cotton subsidies.

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  1. Subsidies = market disturbance. Ignoring IP = Robin Hood-tactics
    And this somehow seems to fit Brazil well, seeing that they are poorer and thus can have something to win by playing Robin Hood cards.

  2. Darryl Moore says:

    one and the same
    I’m confused Simon.

    Can you explain how these two are not one and the same.

    With subsidies you are taking money from somewhere, (Presumably from some source that you think can afford it.) and giving it to a recipient whom you feel is in some what deserving of it.

    Leaving Wall Street and the Auto industry aside as exceptions that give much money to the un-needy, aren’t subsidies in general a form of “Robin Hood tactic”

  3. WTO approved
    Robin Hood tactics or not, these tactics were approved by WTO, who awarded Brazil the right to retaliate in this way.