Rogers Increases Penalties for Exceeding Bandwidth Caps

The Globe reports that Rogers is raising the penalties for exceeding its bandwidth caps, doubling the size of the maximum penalty to $50.


  1. Ted Rogers Zombie says:

    Fat monopolies need to die. Nationalize and reprivatize.
    I wish I could charge them for garbage service, poor billing services and a broken website where I can’t even download my bills because it is broken all the time. Then I wish I could charge them for a rocket stick that rarely gives me reasonable latency and frankly is being flooded by tetherers watching youtube video.

  2. Devil's Advocate says:

    Even the language should be a red flag…
    The fact that anyone accepts the use of the word “penalty” here is a statement in itself.

    The persecution of the customer base continues…

  3. Its these kind of shinanigans on the part of ISPs that made me decide to write a program to make sure 100% of my bandwidth gets used in any given billing period.

    They won’t be making money from overselling my internet connection anymore.

  4. John Kerr says:

    Bandwith Caps

    What are you guys doing? I am nowhere close to using my bandwith limit and I use the Internet alot. This is a non issue. My bandwith allotment at the moment is plenty for my needs.

    John Kerr
    Guelph, Ontario

  5. lame rogers is lame
    I wish they would give you the option to monitor bandwidth WITH OUT having to do billing online. That is the only way you can see how much bandwidth you are using. Freaking Crooks.