ACTA Analysis Across the Web

There is lots of coverage of ACTA in the wake of the official release of the draft text.  Notable comments include:


  1. pat donovan says:

    keep up the pressure, people. A squirt is a drip under pressure.

    my 2 cents worth…

    actra complaints, ala moonlight sonota

  2. With the lack of good reporting by the local/big media on this and with the small amounts of comments I see from people on this subject when it is reported, I have a bad feeling that ACTA will go through.

  3. Fortnightly Review says:

    Kim Weatherall at The Fortnightly Review (for the view from Down Under)
    Hi Michael
    Fantastic blog. There hasn’t been enough press in Australia about ACTA. We are trying to stimulate some dialogue here and really appreciate the information you have in your blog. Kim Weatherall has done a fantastic wrap up of the event here at


  4. Is there anybody we can write to about this? Is there any hope at all that our government will do something sane?

    The fact that stuff like ACTA is even being considered not even a year after a public consultation on Copyright where the overwhelming majority spoke out against the concepts that ACTA would put forward is nothing less than heartbreaking to me.