Pirate Party of Canada Receives Official Party Status

The Toronto Sun reports that Pirate Party of Canada has received official party status. 


  1. It’s too bad they had to use that name. They’re going to have a lot of extra work with the public now. With any other name they may just need to fight to get their platform out. As ‘pirates’ they’re going to have to work hard just to get away from the preconceived idea of a ‘pirate’ that has been tossed about in the media for so long.

  2. I hope they have representation in the west
    I’ll vote a pirate over these Bible thumpers any day!

  3. Private Infringer says:

    If they used a different name
    … reporters would not talk about them at all. Who cares about yet another “copyright reform party”. Boring name!

    The Pirate Party name is catchy, and to the point. Party should aim to shake Canadian politics.

  4. Too bad
    The Canadian Pirate Party is no Pirate party of Sweden, too bad. We need to dismantle the current corporate entitlement groupthink, vote by vote. Go Pirate Party of Sweden!!

  5. update
    Michael, can we get some updates from you re: pirate party?

  6. Kent Nielsen says:

    They do not have official party status – you must have 12 elected members for that. They are simply registered as a party with Elections Canada. Misleading and oncorrect.