Broadcasters Criticize CRTC Plan for Publicizing Digital Transition examines (sub required) the broadcaster responses to the CRTC’s plan to publicize the forthcoming broadcast digital transition.  CTV argues that the planned public service announcements would result in millions in lost advertising revenue.


  1. …And it’s a bad thing to let people know about the Digital Transition because? (I can’t actually read the article in question.)

  2. not digital everywhere
    Maybe because it’s going to be bad when all of the “second class” citizens of Canada learn that while the “premiere class” are getting digital TV, us “second class” citizens (the ones that live in the markets that the CRTC has allowed to be exempt from the transition) will be stuck with the 2 dirty analog signals that we (only) get.

  3. …almost off-topic
    Ok — “sub required” is something I’m used to, and it usually means that I need to enrol in the site, provide an email address, set up some more persistent connection.

    But in this case it means “$95 per year”.

    I’m not reading this item anytime soon! This may very well be newsworthy, but if this makes it somewhere a little more accessible, would someone please post a link?

  4. CTV complaining?
    Ah, weren’t they one of the groups that fought against nationwide digital (if memory serves correctly)? This being part of the same group that went and paid premium prices to buy up broadcasters just before the market fell down rather than building up a fund to pay for the digital transition?

    @Brian: I am waiting for the day in the near future where it’ll be necessary for you to buy an analogue tuner as a separate item when you purchase a new TV (same logic as how 5 or 6 years ago it was difficult to buy a TV in Canada with a digital tuner). If I were a paranoid type I’d say that this is all part of the master plan to get paid fee-for-carriage, since you’ll be forced to sign up for a satellite or cable package.

  5. paywall more like a knee-high fence
    Chris S:
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  6. @Brian: “will be stuck with the 2 dirty analog signals that we (only) get. ”

    You have to see the bright part of it. The couch and TV set won’t be able to capture you any more so you’ll be doing some healthier activities instead. 🙂


  7. White snow?
    Clarify me on this if I am wrong, but when the transition to digital occurs will not ALL the analog transmitters have to go offline to clear the way for the frequency range being used for other services (auctioned off)?

    And more on topic .. isn’t it wonderful that big business is more concerned with profits than customer service. Otherwise the world would turn upside down!

  8. how much will they lose in advertising when they switch over to digital broadcasts and no one has the proper equipment cause they (the broascasters) didn’t want the comercials?

    Or is it simply ameans to an extention. Eliminate the PSA’s, then when they date for the switch gets close they will claim that not enough people have purchased the required equipment so we have to delay it.

  9. Further information …
    Here is info on what areas will be affected by the switchover:

    My question is we get a CBC feed from Vancouver over a local analog repeater. If Vancouver is going digital then will they still broadcast a (bounced from mountain top to mountain top) analog signal to rural areas?

    If not how will I know if the Canucks win the cup this year? Oh wait …

  10. CTV and digital
    Those complaints must have something behind them, like maybe CTV being owned by a company that realises that digital broadcasting is the death knell for cable and satellite. US digital stations can all broadcast up to three separate programs at once. CTV (and CBC) are both doing excellent jobs of broadcasting their programming guides as well as all the HD content they can. Imagine if they could also broadcast one of those all-day news/weather channels and another channel too. The CRTC should allow them to do that instead of only trying to manage collateral damage from the players being allowed to merge and monopolise. IMO

  11. Harry J Rollo says:

    Repeated attempts to access the to get information on the digital conversion due this August have failed.
    I have never found this “public service” easy to reach and I wonder if the current problem is because of technical dificulties or a lack of willingness to facilitate communication with the consumers who fund its operations!