Chilean and NZ Proposals for TPP IP Chapter: Counter IP Abuse, Support Public Domain

The Chilean and New Zealand proposals for the intellectual property chapter in the Trans-Pacific Partnership have leaked (Canada has been excluded from the talks so far). The leaks demonstrate how much different many other countries view the inclusion of IP in trade agreements when compared to the U.S. and Europe. 

For example, the Chilean proposal includes provisions countering abuse of IP rights and affirms the right to”establish provisions to facilitate the exercise of permitted acts where technological measures have been applied.” Meanwhile, New Zealand seeks a commitment to policy dialogue that includes ” how copyright can support and encourage the development of innovative business models and promote better access to works, including enhancing the availability of orphan works and material in the public domain.” 

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  1. With all the foreign outsourcing and conversion to a service economy, the media industry is one of the few export industries that the USA still has going. So, it is understandable that they would go to great lengths to protect it. The sad part is they are going overboard on their efforts and alienating the very customers of those same exports in the process.

    Level heads and cool temperaments are thus evidently in short supply.

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