IMSLP Faces Renewed Pressure From European Publishers

IMSLP, the International Music Score Library Project, is back in the news as the NY Times covers its popularity and pressure from some music score publishers. The site attracted significant attention in 2007 when it received takedown threats from some European publishers.  Note that contrary to the NY Times characterization of Canadian copyright as “generally looser”, the key legal issue for IMSLP is the term of copyright protection. Canadian law provides life of the author plus 50 years, consistent with the requirements in the Berne Convention.

One Comment

  1. Michael Hankinson says:

    Being a published composer and also a sel-publisher I am not surprised by the “dinosaur” approach of UE. They seem to be following in the footsteps of the record companies who would not accept that the internet was the way forward to do business. Music publishers have a lot to gain by co-operating with IMSLP – who by the way host some of my scores – there are business opportunities here for anyone with half a brain to take advantage of.