NorthwesTel Demands Facebook Remove Criticism Logo

NorthwesTel has issued a takedown notice to Facebook over a logo used by an FB group criticizing the Canadian telecom company. The logo in question can be found here.


  1. Just more capitalist BS
    Boycotts are common tactics to oppose coporate opression however rarely has corps complained over what’s basically parody logos in the past.

    Anybody remember that took viewers to with every time CBS was mentioned it was replaced with fucknbc? That existed for years online till the corps came onto the net in the late 90’s.

    Parody/boycott ads need to be protected as freedom of speech.

  2. Dr Geist
    Can you please comment on the differences in the current Canadian vs US law with respect to parodies such as this one? For instance, does Canadian law not provide for such a use of the corporate symbol? If not, then NorthwesTel may well be within their legal rights, even though it would not be good PR, given that they are a Canada based company and the members of the group are presumably residents of Canada.