SAC Music Sharing Proposal Garners Attention


  1. Robert Smits says:

    What a non-starter!
    This proposal is a real non-starter. First, many, many Canadians use the internet without ever once using it to download music. This proposal would penalize all of them to subsidize the SAC. And like the experience with SOCAN show, “reasonable fees” will soon become totally unreasonable.

  2. Eddie Schwartz says:

    President, Songwriters Association of Canada
    Actually, our proposal penalizes no one since if you don’t music file-share you would not have to pay our proposed license fee. As far as reasonable rates go, we are currently employing an arms-length 3rd party survey company to find out what Canadians feel a “reasonable” fee for music file-sharing might be. We will continue to advocate for a solution that is fair to both creators and consumers.
    Many thanks
    Eddie Schwartz

  3. Don Quarles says:

    Executive Director – Songwriters Association of Canada
    Thanks for drawing attention to the S.A.C.’s business to business model to monetize music file-sharing. Please allow us to clarify a few points.

    1. Our current proposal does not support or advocate a levy or tax of any kind, or of any amount, including the $10.00 amount mentioned.

    2. As is clearly stated in our paper on the proposal, available at our website and, musicians, songwriters, performers and all rights-holders including record labels would be compensated from the revenues the proposed business model might generate.

    3. Canadians households who do not wish to music file-share would pay nothing. There would be no charges of any kind.

    4. Canadians households who would like unlimited music file-sharing would be licensed to do so legally. All Canadians would have the choice to opt in or out.

    5. Since independent musicians are now by some counts over 30% of the market place much of the revenue derived would go to encourage new talent and allow struggling music creators to make a living.

    The S.A.C. is a small not for profit organization. We will continue to advocate what we believe are reasonable solutions that are fair to consumers, music creators and rights-holders.

    Thank you

    Eddie Schwartz – President
    Don Quarles – Executive Director
    Songwriters Association of Canada