Liberals on C-32’s Digital Lock Rules

Liberal Marc Garneau, who served on the C-32 committee and as the party’s Industry critic, issued a tweet last night that provided the clearest statement yet on the Liberal support for reform to the digital lock rules. Garneau stated: “Liberals believe Copyright Bill C-32 must be amended to allow digital lock circumvention for non-infringing purposes.”


  1. ScytheNoire says:

    Sorry, the correct answer was “C-32 needs to be killed off because Canada already has strong enough copyright laws. In fact, Canada needs to adjust our copyright laws to promote creativity and fend off censorship in a digital era.” Nice try, but no vote for you, Liberals.

  2. DashingLeech says:

    Not bad
    I have to disagree with ScytheNoire. Bill C-32 isn’t perfect, but it does legalize a lot of personal use things that are currently now technically illegal, and expands fair dealings to include research, study, news, and criticisms. It significantly reduces the price put on infringement for non-commercial/personal reasons. There really are a lot of improvements over the current law, and some reasonable compromises elsewhere.

    The digital lock provision is it’s one major flaw.