Comparing the Political Parties on Arts Policy

The Canadian Conference of the Arts has posted an excellent summary of political party views on arts and culture issues, including copyright. The CCA received responses from all parties other than the Conservatives. It confirms that the NDP support new culture contributions payments from over-the-top services such as Netflix and wireless carriers.


  1. The most glaring thing about this report is the input from the conservatives … there is none. Gee I wonder why?

    I like the idea of a cultural compensation fund, which I would assume would come from general revenue, over a media levy. Why? Because it will be directly benefiting CANADIAN artists, rather than a levy in which the lions share would most likely flow out of the country.

    I posted this question to a certain copyright purist and was told that a media tax was fine going to foreign interests as we have signed an international agreement to do so. Fair enough, but I am unclear if our biggest cultural partner [USA] has a similar system of levies to compensate Canadian artists? Can anyone clarify that?

  2. Transparancy lacking
    There should be no handing over of funds until there is proof that artists actually get it.