Wikileaks Cable: What Makes for Good Canadian Heritage Minister

A Wikileaks cable discussing the entry of satellite radio into Canada discusses what makes for an effective Canadian Heritage Minister.  According to the cable (which criticizes former Canadian Heritage Minister Liza Frulla), “Canadian Heritage ministers must be strong enough to disappoint that core constituency in order to strike compromises with other departments, primarily Industry Canada.”


  1. Team America and James Moore
    I guess that means that means that James Moore was totally awesome! Cut culture and capitulate with Tony Clement. I think James Moore and Tony Clement should join forces, their new name? “Team America”

  2. These are the adventures of Canada’s intrepid Heritage Minister …
    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

  3. The Archon says:

    Betrayal is strength!
    “must be strong enough to disappoint that core constituency”

    Now, you see, a sane world would require anyone who utters something so Orwellian as that to be removed from power. Betrayal is a sign of strong character!

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