YouTube Takes Down Harper Music Clip on Copyright Claim

YouTube has removed a clip of Stephen Harper performing John Lennon’s Imagine after Yoko Ono’s company issued a takedown notice.


  1. Seriously? Yoko Ono’s company really needs to take a chill pill or two.

  2. Spin
    So, how many bet this will be spun as radical leftist censorship during an election campaign, rather than the usual consequences of copyright?

  3. Well deserved.


  4. I love it when any politician gets there videos taken down. I don’t care their political stance. Until politicians start being impacted by their own ridiculous laws we won’t see meaningful change.

  5. Screenshot says:

    Sadly, it might be the only way this party will get the message. It is most disappointing that the video was taken down however thousands of videos will disappear before the end of the day with even less use of copyrighted material than Harper used.

    Did the “balanced approach” sought in C-61 include any foresight on Canadians fair-use works being improperly taken down and claimed as copyright by another?

  6. Re: Spin
    Good. And for the record it is a political statement not a copyright issue. Have a look on youtube, there are lots of other versions available including one of Bill Clinton. Presumably she still believes in the message contained within the song.

  7. Paddy Barry says:

    Right on, Yoko. I bet, if Trudeau had recorded a version on YouTube, she wouldn’t take that one down. Trudeau was cool & hip & once met with John & Yoko to discus world issues & peace. Harper is the anti-hip

  8. Say Stephen, how about checking this one:

    it’s perfectly in line with the C-32 you want to inflict on us. 🙂