CRTC Releases Do-Not-Call Report

The CRTC has released a report on the functioning of the do-not-call list. The report notes that there were 103,890 prima facie valid complaints during the reporting period. The Commission initiated 197 investigations.


  1. Jean Feuillet says:

    CRTC & Do Not Call: what a joke!
    197 investigations in 1 year. A quick calculation, that means in 537 years roughly they will have completed the investigations of 2010-11 valid complaints. Are they kidding?

  2. My own data point
    In five months, despite being on the Do Not Call list, I have received on my cell phone about 50 calls from anonymous telemarketers (including political ads and surveys, which I consider telemarketing even if the law doesn’t). It’s not feasible to complain about each violation. This shouldn’t be my job.

    I wonder if there’s an app I can use, similar to an email spam blocking list, or a hosts file for IP addresses, to prevent this stuff myself, because nobody else is doing a good job.

  3. re: My own data point
    You can get number blockers for your phone. I block all numbers that are hidden along with toll free numbers 800,888..etc. The application just forces the call straight to voicemail. If they feel that their call is important, they will leave a message.