Why Copyright Reform Is Not the Cure for What Ails the Music Industry: Sources & Background Material

Since the posting of Why Copyright Reform Is Not the Cure for What Ails the Music Industry, my recent keynote lecture to the Nova Scotia Music Week conference, several people have written to ask for supporting documentation and background materials. The talk focused on CRIA’s conventional talking points and assessed Bill C-11 provisions on statutory damages, ISP liability, the enabler provision, and digital locks.  Below I’ve posted links to many of the supporting documents along with links to additional articles and sources on each issue.  The video is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Industry Data

Legal Information

i.   Statutory Damages

ii.   Notice and Notice

iii.   Enabler Provision

iv.   Digital Locks


  1. What really ails the Recording Industry
    What really ails the industry is them pushing subpar artists, over charging for media, taking forever and a day to release material in formats that their customers want, still after 15 years since the MP3 came out, not releasing back catalogs of art that would probably sell really well if decent digital versions were made.

  2. And then there were three:

    That will fix it.

    More “pricing power”, please.