Wind Mobile Founder: No Political Will For Telecom Competition

Wind Mobile founder Naguib Sawiris is in the news today for comments about his regret of investing in Canada and frustration with the government’s commitment to competition. Sawiris says “there’s no real political will here to introduce competition into this closed market” adding that he won’t bid on in the forthcoming spectrum auction stating “our position is clear: if they don’t set aside, we won’t bid for it – why would we go in and just increase the price so the government makes more money and we get devastated.”


  1. Of course. This is how Canada works. The Government backs the large monopolies that fill their pockets so that the people are forced to stick with the large monopolies so they can keep filling government pockets.

  2. And this is supposed to the free market-supporting “Conservative Gov’t”? Yeah I know, we’ve done this song and dance a billion times now.

  3. @Robert:

    BS. They’re looking for handouts. The Government subventioned them last round and now they’re asking for more subventions. “Give it us for free or we go home”. Muhahaha.